To mark World Suicide Prevention Day last Friday, my friends and colleagues concluded an inspiring, week-long series of sessions in which they explored questions on finding connection, recognizing warning signs, self-love, resilience and, most importantly, how to help others. For me, a key takeaway from these sessions was the difficulty of talking about suicide without relating to it.

The paradox is that those who can relate to having suicidal thoughts are the best qualified to truly understand present sufferers, and therefore truly help them. But according to this logic, we end up relying on those in recovery to help those…

Cutting-edge engineering. Expert strategic planning. Efficient administration. Wouldn’t those look great on a CV? Now consider this: those attributes saw six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

What is the value of education and intelligence if they lead to atrocities on such an unthinkable scale?

We have been raised to value success above all else. Kindness and compassion are worth nothing against ruthlessness, guile, and tenacity. I want to change this and put kindness back at the heart of everything we teach.

People often say that education is the best tool to fight conflict and division in…

Childhood in Punjab was a little slice of heaven. As a child, my mother would take me to a local market. I remember strolling through the town on my way there, admiring the complex colours and scents. I would look at the surrounding nature, and despite travelling the world since then, it remains the most beautiful sight in the world. Other times, we would dance around the bonfire during Lohri, celebrating the passing of the Winter Solstice. Time passed slowly. …

One thing about spending most of your adult life in a foreign country is that you find yourself wondering about your home country more than ever. As I started soul-searching in the past decade, I would often return — in my mind — to Punjab: the place where it all began.

Etymologically, the name ‘Punjab’ is derived from two Persian words: panj (five) and ab (water). If Punjab is the land of the five waters, I like to think of those five waters as symbolic of the way Punjabi identity has developed: uniting various tribes, castes and groups.

It was…

For too long, Wellbeing has been used as a catchphrase by alternative health movements, rather than appreciated as a true solution to the medical challenges of today. It’s time to change this.

As I approached my forties, my body started to feel the negative impact of a life so disproportionately focused on work. It was a warning sign that I’d lost my way, but it took me time to come to terms with it. For years, I had understood that my purpose was to lead Edifecs, a healthcare company I started from scratch in the basement of my flat in…

Wellbeing data is becoming more important. What does this mean for us?

Wellbeing is nothing if not a collective experience. It only really works for us if it does for the people around us. The same way I believe that true Wellbeing can only be achieved holistically, I believe that individual Wellbeing can only be achieved collectively.

How can we inspire others to join us on the journey to happiness? Small steps like positive messaging, as well as larger ones like granting access to Wellbeing solutions through technology, each have their part to play. So far, though, these steps have…

Decades of industrial farming in India have dealt a heavy blow to the environment. But the impact is not irreversible.

One of the earliest memories I have of growing up in Punjab is of me and my parents relaxing together on a Saturday morning, in the lulling heat of the early sunshine, sipping tea and listening to the birds chirping before the day would get too hot and force them to seek shelter in the shade. …

Social and Community Wellbeing can be hard to find, easy to forget, and immensely rewarding.

In my last post, I spoke of the challenges to Social and Community Wellbeing posed by social media, globalisation, and the pandemic. I also reiterated why Social and Community Wellbeing are so important to both healthy individuals and a healthy society.

How do I know this? Essays on society by 20th century philosophers will only get you so far; fundamentally, Social and Community Wellbeing have to be experienced in order to be understood.

I was lucky enough to experience them from the youngest age. Growing…

Family, friends, and your community play a vital role in your own wellbeing.

The year is 1987. An Indian man in his early twenties lands at JFK airport, New York City. He flew there on a ticket paid for by a bank loan. He has to make his way to Montana where he’s starting an engineering master’s. It’s his first time in America.

When he finally reaches Montana State University, the dorms are closed. He’s out in the cold, with his luggage. He knows no one.

A group of fellow Indian students spot him from the corridor window and offer…

Finance and fulfillment are two sides of the same coin

Money doesn’t bring you happiness: it’s handling it well that does.

In my last article, I spoke about my journey from humble beginnings in Punjab to professional success in the US; from a low-income background to one of wealth and capital. But I also stressed that Financial Wellbeing is not about enriching our bank accounts; it’s about enriching our relationship with them. It’s not about how much money we earn; it’s about gaining clarity of thought and sentiment over the money that we earn and the goods that we need.

Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh

Bringing #wellbeing to the world Founder of @roundglassUS Founder @edifecs #wholisticwellbeing #corporatewellbeing #wellness #leadership

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