Promoting Wholistic Wellbeing through Tolerance and Kindness

We cannot really talk about Wholistic Wellbeing without considering emotional wellbeing, which is measured by our ability to connect to how we feel and cultivate positive emotions. Emotional wellbeing brings happiness, peace, and relaxation. However, negative emotions such as anger and stress are usually brought on by instances of unkindness and intolerance. For example, when someone has been unkind or intolerant of our viewpoints, or for simply being “different,” we remember how bad it makes us feel.

As a seeker and advocate of Wholistic Wellbeing, I believe that tolerance and kindness are essential to promoting it. The key to creating a healthier, happier, and more joyful world lies is to speak with kindness and pay attention to the happiness of others. However, intolerance and unkindness, whether from ourselves or from others, trigger a chain of negative emotions that ultimately affect our emotional wellbeing. We must find suitable tools to help us handle this chain of negative emotions, or we may fall into a rabbit hole of self-pity and self-doubt.

In a diverse world, everyone has different opinions, values, and viewpoints. Being tolerant of these differences can bring so much happiness. This doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with everyone. Instead, tolerance is all about embracing, accepting, and respecting our various differences. Understanding that others may have an alternative opinion, experience, or value does not make them wrong. Everybody wins when we are tolerant of one another’s views.

Without kindness, a key component of wellbeing, there is no tolerance. Think of it this way: can you remember a time when someone was kind to you? How did an act of kindness make you feel? Amazing, right? That is the incredible power of kindness. It is a scientific fact that acts of kindness trigger the release of oxytocin, which stimulates the area of our brains that makes us feel good. Kindness is contagious, and if a person receives an act of kindness, they are more likely to repeat kind acts and continue the trend. So just imagine what a singular act of kindness can unleash!

Being kind and tolerant to ourselves and others can be psychologically and emotionally life-changing. This is crucial to ensuring Wholistic Wellbeing for individuals as well as for society. With World Kindness Day last weekend on November 13, and International Tolerance Day today, now is the time to try spreading a little kindness, being more tolerant, and helping promote Wholistic Wellbeing in another person’s life.




Bringing #wellbeing to the world Founder of @roundglassUS Founder @edifecs #wholisticwellbeing #corporatewellbeing #wellness #leadership

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Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh

Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh

Bringing #wellbeing to the world Founder of @roundglassUS Founder @edifecs #wholisticwellbeing #corporatewellbeing #wellness #leadership

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