The Wisdom of Silence

Silence. Stillness. We often strive towards it as a goal. Sometimes with friends, or at work, when a conversation is animated, as our words tumble out and people laugh — suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, it becomes quiet. There is silence.

“Un ange passe,” the French say, meaning that an angel has flown by.

This silence may feel awkward or uncomfortable when it reverberates with the unsaid thoughts that feel inappropriate, though everyone feels them and everyone thinks they should break the silence. But no one knows how to do it.

Let’s contrast this with a comfortable silence: an appropriate silence where we’re at peace with others and the world around us. When we create a comfortable silence, unsaid words are accepted. We feel the presence of others in the atmosphere. We let its ambience, its breath, unfold into our consciousness. In silence, we feel spirit and connection, nourishing our bones, our flesh, with invigorating, encouraging, and energizing growth and wellbeing.

In silence, we can feel the beautiful experience of peace, making it possible to feel the love enveloping us. When we let silence wash over us, we are conscious.

So how can we move to this place where we create a beautiful, comfortable silence, one that surrounds us whenever we focus on wellbeing? Whether it’s through meditation, workouts, or mindfulness practice, when we work on our wellbeing, honestly and consciously, we surround ourselves with a beautiful silence and sense of peace that permeates all we do and encounter.

That silence allows us to let go of anxieties, doubts, and residual thoughts that cloud our consciousness. We can then achieve a higher level of attention on the task before us. Being in silence and peace is a benefit. Whether alone or in a crowded room, it doesn’t matter — the chatter may be in our heads or all around us, yet we maintain silence.

When you’re in a silent place, you can “hear” or feel others’ anxiety. I recall a friend telling me about the opening words of “Desiderata,” an early 1920s prose poem by the American writer Max Ehrmann.

Go placidly amongst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence…

These words really struck a chord. They perfectly describe the attitude of those seeking wellbeing and calm in a fractious and stressful world. A few minutes of silence prepares us for any activity as it enables us to act in a more self-aware and conscious manner — which, in turn, is essential to enabling our Wholistic Wellbeing. Silence and the ability to find it wherever you are is not a quantifiable commodity. It is, instead, something to be felt and a place from where to act. It’s a “numinous” (spiritual) place to be, not a “numerous” (measurable) thing — quality rather than quantity.

When cultivated, silence takes us to that space of stillness and peace where everything is possible, to that place of wholeness. Cultivating more moments of pause and silence in your life will help improve your Wholistic Wellbeing effortlessly.




Bringing #wellbeing to the world Founder of @roundglassUS Founder @edifecs #wholisticwellbeing #corporatewellbeing #wellness #leadership

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Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh

Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh

Bringing #wellbeing to the world Founder of @roundglassUS Founder @edifecs #wholisticwellbeing #corporatewellbeing #wellness #leadership

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